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Mobile Radio

Technically innovative mobile phone

The demand for modern high-performance mobile phones is increasing. Consumers not only want to make calls with their phones, but expect a phone with enhanced features, which is designed to be used as a scheduler, address book and as an Internet terminal. Recently, the multimedia functions of smartphones have been advanced with mobile radio function.

Do you also want to participate in the Mobile revolution?

We will enable you to do so! The INFOTEQ global solutions GmbH designs and develops professional mobile applications. With our Software engineers, it is possible for us to create a well worked through concept that is specifically tailored for your needs and your interest.

What is so special about INFOTEQ and our product, "Mobile Radio"?

At the moment we are the only company in the market that offers its customers this very special service. The speciality of INFOTEQ’s iPhone Radio is its ‘PAUSE’ and ‘REWIND’ functions. The radio programme can be paused at any moment, played later on. Also, a rewind option allows you to hear the programme over again.

Missing an aired programme now will belong to the Past! a live transmission back is possible any time. Ads and marketing are of main interest for any Company. We offer a new strategy of advertising for radios that will visually enable advertisements for your radio programmes

Functions / features

  1. Play - Live streaming
  2. Pause - pause and start listening again from the same point.
  3. Seek back - Rewind as an MP3 player up to an hour
  4. Program list - includes a web application for administration
  5. Advertising - Visual Ads enabled for radio programmes.


Radios - Do you have multiple radios? With an iPhone application we will enable you to connect multiple radios.

Skins - Do you like to have different skins for your iPhone radio? You have to tell us how the skin should be and we will implement it for you.

New Features - Certainly,we can implement it for you any time according to your wish.

Case Studies
Online Shop System
A popular store in Germany who is in the business of selling artefacts for more than 25 years wanted to have an extensive customer order processing module.
Client Speaks
... a perfect partner with a highly professional attitude and an excellent quality of service. After working with INFOTEQ on two exciting projects we'll be definitely coming back in the future!
Tobias Offhaus
Managing Director, MEDIA [1fourFIVE]
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